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A 15mn short version of the film
called Trip to the Planetarium Reloaded by was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, Friday May 15th 2009 at 5pm, Palais D
I thought "Trip to the Planetarium" was among the better things I've seen at the Festival this year. It showed how difficult life can be for the aged and/or handicapped in lighthearted way without disrespecting your elders. The animation was excellent. Good story line. Nice execution. In "short", a very fine short film.
Daniel Downing, Ex. Director, Angesolaire Productions AT SHORT

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thestory TRAILER
Mrs. Benson, a senior citizen who was an astronaut
candidate for the Apollo 11 mission, has an obsession:
to visit the new Planetarium that just opened 0.53 miles
from her boat house. But 3 blocks to walk is not an easy
task for a woman with a walker and whose fever for
Space exploration becomes an obstacle to her success.




I was enchanted by this short film. Being of the Apollo generation, so to speak, I was both inspired by hearing the words of President JF Kennedy on the yearning of human exploration and touched by the desire of the woman to reach the planetarium to achieve her dream. The film makes a beautiful statement on the importance of holding onto a dream in your life and what that means for each of us. The birds we encounter along the way are wonderful magical animated creatures that made me laugh - like I would if I was a little child again .. This film is a real New York fairy tale that will touch you in many way!
                                   Ed Belbruno, Top 10 influential space thinkers.

When I first viewed this film, I felt as I was walking side by side with Fellini, Dali, and Walt Disney through the Land of Oz, I was fascinated and intrigued form the beginning to the end! Alvaro, renown illustrator

Found Trip to the Planetarium very innovative in the use of Animation with live action. Loved the story and how it held my interest and I am very proud that young animators from the Kubert School were involved 
                                 Joe Kubert, Comic School director

I finally had a chance to see your short masterwork. It's the most gently outre, whimsically avant, charmingly abrasive film I've seen in years, ant it shoots an arrow straight into my own heart - such a freaking delight, and a breath of fresh air.... Keep it up, keep producting, have an amazing time in Cannes, and keep me abreast of your progress.                    Brian Felsen, CD Baby President

on the script "It's emotionally moving, poignant and humorous. Your imaginative use of the moving image to advance the story rather than gratuitous use of words, is most exciting"                    Roy Thinnes, Actor  

Trip to the Planetarium est unique, il nous transporte dans un univers merveilleux avec des moments cocasses de la vie de tous les jours ... Genial !
                                 Severine Peres,    

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